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Day of Epic Proportions

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 7, 2010, 8:38 AM

Yesterday my friend Megan and I supposedly planned a "lets go through my closet and see what we can use for a photo shoot" except the whole thing that my mother was holding some random women's party.

Eventually convinced that she wasn't going anywhere, took about an hour and a half of listening to her jabber that Plan A wasn't going to work. Megan already (and I quote) "got her hur did", face painted and was ready and rearing to go. Cept me of course.

Starbucked and I saw my friend who's been MIA for like 2 months and we chatted a bit. Then I made an executive decision to go to a park I've never been to. We recalled it had some nice rocks for some okay photos. So we drove around looking for it, not knowing it was on the street we got our coffee at. Epic fail #1. technical Epic fail #2 is that the rocks are no longer there. That was all Megan =P

So my friend I met at Starbucks said to go to the reservoir. Sure I think I know where that is. I'm 27 and lived in this area for all of my life. This is Epic fail #2, looking for a gigantic lake/reservoir thing and unable to find it's entrance.

Plus side we did find Tilden Park, (which I never knew about, and it's ginormous) Walked around, got some pictures and everything. Megan's epic fail was not bringing shoes but flipflops. Was about 3pm when we finished and I haven't eaten anything. So off in search for food. I wanted a burger but we started talking and I suddenly wanted Indian food. So over to Emeryville.

Got our food and I was feeding the sparrows. That was a funny incident. The lil birds were all cute till they had a mating race or something, like 5 sparrows all dive bombing around us. Then Mr. retard Pigeon came and I started pelting him with bread pieces. Which he ate as they bounced off his body. chased him around cooing too. :D

Went to do a quick walk-by shopping at H&M because she hasn't been there. Found things I shouldn't have found... like usual. Then I took her to one of my favorite spots, the Marina, and she fell in love. I almost fell into pneumonia. not really but u get the point. Grabbed some Bubble tea on the way back, watched her get all hysterical in the car, and came home to chat on AIM.

Long day, and it's starting again!

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Featured: Angels Acting Out

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 5, 2010, 4:37 PM

YEA!! My first feature (because the other feature I thought I got was just lumped into a feature category not really as a feature) but i earned this one!

So exciting. I wish I knew more about the html/css whatever coding on this sight to do thumbnails and tags and all that nifty stuff. I'll just post links so that it'll work...

but YEA! :D

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Happy Easter and Sad Face

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 4, 2010, 2:23 PM
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:tears: From after my trip to Santa Cruz about... last week (wow has it only been a week) my camera decided that it just doesn't like sand and keeled over. Blah

Anyways Happy Easter to everyone.

Hoping to do some more writing/editing soon.

Another day of Rain here in Cali. whee... blah

I hate you writer's block

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 3, 2010, 12:51 PM

Granted I fouled up everything of mine because of the way I set up my book. ugh attempting to be a perfectionist does not bode well upon my story writing. I'm trying not to edit but i have to in order to make the rest of the book make sense. but i'm not quite sure how to start the next section. nor do I feel proud of it enough to post it. Well I did post my first chapter… . but it doesn't foreshadow anything.

I guess i'm scared. I did sign up for a thing where I can share my work in a more personal format. I also didn't sign up for the monthly meetup. again scared. sigh

I've had some fantabulous dreams lately. I try to write or blog about it as soon as I get up. This one was interesting. My sister and I both sing somewhat, but we don't do it for church anymore due to time and we're just busy. My mother was leading/playing for that day. we fought while she was leading worship. "i don't want to sing this." "sing it!" "but mom's playing it wrong"

I felt so bad for my mother, so I tried. She doesn't play the best at piano but she is extremely motivated. I do have to admire her persistence, especially in regards to my own lack of persistence. so I started singing and i believe it was some worship song/hymn which turned into the chorus of bad romance by lady gaga.... wierd...

well that's what I got for today. oh that meetup thingy.…
if anyone is interested

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 25, 2010, 11:25 PM

Good lord, I haven't not had this much lack of inspiration for a while. Recently I had to do some revisions of some work for my creative writing class. That might have killed my brain for a bit. I really don't have tons of issue revising but... I was basically working from scratch. It's hard to look at something that you have previously wrote and to think of it with such a disdainful and critical eye, especially when you think it's the most brilliant thing you have every written. '

that is how i felt these last few days wracking my brain trying to make something into something else. I finally succeeded, and i have to admit that it does sound better with my changes.

this freewrite has another motive. i'm attempting to jump start my inspiration again. it was pretty bad during lunch today. went to panera bakery and had a fabulous lunch of mozzarella and tomato on ciabatta with tomato soup, and an apple. wow just wow. it was awesome. I took a pic, cuz i always do that with food. a grown-up's version of a grilled cheese sandwich. Oh, my point, I finish eating and whip out the laptop to do something. I was hoping to look at the novel I've been working on since january. I was sick about 3 weeks ago and that was the last time i even opened up that document. When i opened it up today, I read where I was supposed to write and got annoyed and closed the document. it's like... WHAT! That's your baby! i was slightly appalled by my anger and annoyance at my "baby."

i have some prompts for these groups to spur my inspiration, but it's beginning to feel more like homework than actual writing. I might not be in the mindset. I have a prompt i was working with, and i opened that document up too. I wrote 10 words and shut that one as well.

granted today was a very off day for me, this week is a very off week for me. i hope something will get better. supposedly i'm going to santa cruz over the weekend. we'll see how that goes.

writing is such a lonely art. i read somewhere that friends are a writer's worse enemy lol only by the fact that if you are hanging out with friends you aren't writing. i haven't written in a while, for myself. that could be it. I also haven't slept well in two weeks... that's definately it oh well... til next time

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